Happy New Year 2019

What are your plans for 2019? Go on holiday, lose some weight, move home?

At Thomas Scanlan Trust we have properties that suit all your needs

In providing properties the Trust also tries to remove the worries which are normally connected with running and maintaining a property.

This is achieved by the Trust undertaking certain functions to do with the building and grounds. Residents pay a Service Charge on a monthly basis, which covers the items  shown below. The residents still pay their own living costs such as telephone, gas, electricity, water authority charges and Council Tax. 

The Service Charge payment covers –  

Facility  Uckfield pole Willingdon  Lion
Scheme Manager       
Lifeline Facility 
Use of amenities at  
Local  Authority
Communal grounds/
 Own rear garden  
Boiler servicing 
Window Cleaning 
Buildings Insurance 
External Lighting 
Repairs to property 
 & maintenance 
Contribution to  
admin. Costs 
Smoke alarms 
Sprinkler system         

The current charges per calendar month in respect of these properties are – 

Uckfield   From   £ 82 – £136
Polegate              £ 122
Willingdon              £ 114
Lion Mews Uckfield  From  £ 93
Hailsham              £104 

These figures are reviewed annually.